Our Welded Steel Chains are an industry choice for material handling applications. We create superior and durability chains that will bring our customers an extended wear life. The wear life in a chain is affected by the process in hardening its components; our heat treatment technology meets top of the line procedures among the industry.

AMH uses a unique and latest technology welding process in order to provide maximum chain strength; the process is based by welding, stress relieving, and heat treatment. We emphasize in proper control methods and processes in order to avoid failures around the weld that are generally caused by either erratic weld penetration or when by creating high hardness zones that generally can convert in failures.

Welded Steel Chain are designed or those abrasive and rough environments. Their rugged material construction allows for high speeds with minimal lubrication and with ease for modification and adjustments. AMH Welded Steel Chain is the industry choice for the most demanding applications. Our users in different industries know that AMH Chain offers superior strength and lasting life for extended wear and with trouble free results and service. Years of experience providing outstanding results in material selection, heat treatment, and chain design improving the chain strength, durability and its productivity.