Welded Steel Drag Chain


WDH480FRB Drag Chain


WDH580HB – Hybird Drag Chain


WDH Welded Steel Drag Chain

Advanced Material handling features a full round barrel on many selected drag chains, such as WDH110,116, and 480. This seamless heavy wall is almost double the industry standard. Depending upon chain size, it comes with the option of full round press-fit pins. The pin has full contact with the entire length of the barrel which gives it more bearing surface, preventing wear. The pin-to-barrel tolerance is much tighter than the standard, which increases life of the components. All parts are fully heat treated. Chain can also be run in either direction and will run on existing sprockets.

WDH580HB Hybrid Drag Chain

Advanced Material Handling WDH580HB hybrid drag chain features a full round cast alloy barrel with plow face and welded steel side bars. This seamless heavy wall cast barrel is more than double the industry standard. 1” full round riveted style pin. The pin keeps full contact with the entire length of the barrel, giving it more bearing surface which prevents wear. The barrel is cast alloy 8630M quenched and tempered to 350-380BHN with fully heat-treated side bars making this the preferred choice for long life and at a competitive price.